Nofri Galli

Nofri Galli
Italy   Nofri Galli [ID #63518] Bookmark Nofri Galli          Graduated          SF
Home Town: Naples, Italy           Class: Graduated           Position(s): SF pf
Age: 20Inside Shot: 8 Basketball IQ: 18
Shoots: RightOutside Shot: 8 Passing 7
Height: 6' 4"Shooting Range: 5 Ball Handing: 7
Weight: 225 lbs.Finishing: 7 Driving: 6
Wingspan: 6' 7"Rebounding: 8 Strength: 5
Vertical: 30"Interior Defense: 3 Speed: 11
Perimeter Defense: 6 Stamina: 4
Skill Index: 103
Recruiting Rating: ★★★ Potential: 13
Recruiting Evaluation: Can be a decent rebounder. Can be a really smart player. Will never be a good interior defender. Can be a skilled passer with exceptional court vision. Can be a speedy player. Projected Height: 6' 5".

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