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May 4th, 2024 - Season 2038-2039 is here!
The season flip is complete. You can start recruiting, exchanging/promoting assistant coaches, setting your depth chart etc. Exhibition games will start on Monday and then the non-conference schedule on Thursday!

Press Releases

June 17th, 2024 - No Time To Celebrate: Hornets Stay in D1, Will Face Bucknell In Playoffs - Kalamazoo Hornets
KALAMAZOO, MI: The regular season came to an end on Saturday as Kalamazoo took on Wright State. Both teams were 14-15 and the loser was headed to D2. “[Wright State] are a good team. And we’ve been so inconsistent with our shooting,” said Hornets head coach Nick Milner after the game.

Desperate to stay in D1, Milner inserted two freshmen into the rotation. “[In the previous game] our bench was 3-14. We didn’t hit a field goal for the first 8 minutes of the 2nd half.” Both played roles in the 87-85 victory. PG Frank Helton played 24 min, shooting 3-5 with 10-1-4-1-1, and was 3-4 at the line.

Up next is Bucknell in the first round of the conference tournament. Kalamazoo dropped both regular season games against the Bison. Milner asserts that the history is not predictive: “This is a different team. We’ve proven we can beat anyone in this league.”
  - seabear

June 16th, 2024 - Mitchell Season Overview - Mitchell Mariners
After an embarrassing loss by 21 points to UNC-Charlotte where a Mitchell player with 6 points got PotG honors, HC Garry Dobson had few words when asked to summarize the season. "You never want to say it was a season of ups and downs, but it was. I got prescribed stimulants then they took them away from me. You could probably guess when I was on them if you look at the schedule. Man, I'm tired," stated the mid-60s year old coach behind some large spectacles with a red digital clock reading 4:15 PM behind him.

"It's a real shame seeing big hardwood bear down on these other Presidents. But I guess when you move different it doesn't affect you." The coach Jordan shrugged, then walked the opposite way off the podium.
  - Rradley903

June 16th, 2024 - Farewell - Wisconsin-Parkside Rangers
After 16 seasons - Goodbye Somers, Wisconsin.

The 1st half of the story: 3 promotions, 2 league wins, 2 conference tourney wins & 1 x D2 National Title.

The 2nd half of the story: 8 consecutive seasons in III.4, a couple where we were lucky to stay up and a couple where we've been close to promotion also. I would've liked to make the D1 NT more than twice but the sweet 16 run in 2037 was a decent end to that season at least, leaving a 2-2 NT record.

To me overall it looks a lot like stagnation at this point - if I have to project the future I think 2040 will be a struggle but 2041 and 2042 look promising again. So it's time for me to move on to something new.

I hope someone good can build on this base I've left, whether it's using a similar recruiting strategy or going your own way.

Whoever the next person in is, please induct 4 year starter Jake Spencer to the HOF? I think he deserves that.

Bergkamp O U T.
  - Bergkamp