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Oliver Comstock
Oliver Comstock - C

Team: Yale Bulldogs [ID #123] Bookmark Yale Bulldogs

Location: New Haven, CT (New England)

Conference: I.1 [Division 1]

President: Lasso send message
          [since April 29th 2022 | last seen May 22nd 2024]

Coach: Trevor Parnell

Arena: Payne Whitney Gymnasium

Rank: #11

Rating: 360.31 - Overall Position: #22

Fan Mood: 123.58

Alumni Mood: 202.20

Prestige: 180

Team Notes:

• Dec 04 2038: 2-star prospect Rafael Homan committed.
• Sep 02 2038: Promoted to conference I.1.
• Mar 14 2038: Made the national tournament field.
• Feb 18 2038: 3-star prospect Keith Harmon committed.
• Dec 17 2037: 3-star prospect Patrick Hoskins committed.
• Oct 28 2037: Nathan Fitzpatrick was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Oct 08 2037: Ronald Franks was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Oct 08 2037: Assistant coach Christian Cordell was let go.
• Sep 03 2037: Christian Cordell was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Sep 03 2037: Assistant coach Jared Paige leaves to pursue head coaching opportunities.


Wins: 11 Losses: 3 Pct: .786     Conf Wins: 1 Conf Losses: 3 Conf Pct: .250 Conf Rank: 13     Last10: 7-3 Streak: W1

Pts Ave: 81.4 - 56.1     Pts Diff: +25.3     Team Power Index: 157.5

Press Releases:

Jan 13 2028: "We're Here to Play School": Lasso Era Begins at Yale - by Lasso on September 25th, 2022

Moving quickly to fill its president vacancy, Yale basketball has roped an unlikely successor. President Lasso was officially unveiled to the New Haven media yesterday, addressing his long-term goals for the program. "I want these kids to form lifelong friendships," Lasso said. "This isn't any old school. It's like coaching at Top Gun or Hogwarts. If Harry Potter left that place as a great basketball player, but not a great human being, then I think all those old British people would have failed."