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Team: Villanova Wildcats [ID #27] Bookmark Villanova Wildcats

Location: Villanova, PA (Northeast)

Conference: I.1 [Division 1]

President: Philliesworld send message
          [since February 04th 2018 | last seen May 27th 2020]

Coach: Deron Morris

Arena: The Pavilion

Rating: 264.73 - Overall Position: #17

Fan Mood: 93.60

Alumni Mood: 133.95

Prestige: 84

Team Notes:

• Nov 07 2012: 3-star prospect Cam Owens committed.
• Jun 26 2012: Eric Jacobson was drafted round #1, pick #24 by Charlotte.
• Jan 19 2012: 3-star prospect Andy Ryan committed.
• Jan 05 2012: 3-star prospect Matthew Boyd committed.
• Oct 26 2011: 3-star prospect Kendall Barone committed.
• Feb 26 2011: 2-star prospect Corey Turk committed.
• Dec 02 2010: 3-star prospect Cam Mason committed.
• Sep 02 2010: Dane Hollis was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Sep 02 2010: Chester Lester was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Jun 29 2010: Chester Lester was drafted round #2, pick #10 by Cleveland.


Wins: 9 Losses: 6 Pct: .600     Conf Wins: 1 Conf Losses: 4 Conf Pct: .200 Conf Rank: 15     Last10: 5-5 Streak: L2

Pts Ave: 92.3 - 85.1     Pts Diff: +7.2     Team Power Index: 141.9

Press Releases:

Nov 15 2008: By The Skin Of Our Teeth... - by Philliesworld on October 10th, 2019

This past season seemed to bring setback after setback for the Villanova Wildcats. Fighting thru injuries, prolonged shooting doldrums, and disputes between teammates. The Cats played most of the season in the bottom fourth of the best conference in Hardwood. But somehow managed to pull a string of victories together towards the end of the season to avoid demotion. And than use that momentum to not only win the I.1 playoffs but to take their national tournament berth all the way to the final four for the second time in three years.

What was a highly touted team ( defending I.1 regular season champs) coming into the season the Wildcats cruised through non conference play but seemed to be completely unprepared for the rigors of I.1 conference play when the tough conference play came around. While injuries played a key role in the teams problems, a slumping leader in Darrin Ray only worsened the teams problems, as well as ill natured feelings between wing players Cole Langford and Dane Hollis that culiminated in Hollis being benched Midway thru the season. Veteran Coach Carrington finally pulled the team together to string together a flurry of wins to barely pull the Cats out of the demotion zone. Point guard Darrin Ray finally stepped up to be the player everybody was expecting and almost singlehandedly willed the team to win their first I.1 playoff Championship. And consequently beat the odds to carry the team to their second final four.

Nova also had multiple disappointments in the recruiting stage. Losing top prospects Tom Bartlett, and Lewis Gillette to other contenders. The Cats only prize of the season was a talented four star point player in Jelani Price.

The teams central core of Darrin Ray, Demarco Strong, and Cole Langford graduated at the end of the season. Darrin Ray and Demarco Strong were both drafted by Pro team Washington. Ray went first overall, while Strong was drafted first in the second round.

With the immense senior talent the Wildcats lost the media is pointing to a rebuilding year next season. But Nova doesn't have any room for regression if the want to avoid demotion again.

Oct 04 2007: I.1 Regular Season Champs / Disappointing Tournament Play - by Philliesworld on August 3rd, 2019

The Villanova Wildcats were always in the conversation of the top five teams nationally, and translated that into a successful regular season in I.1 conference. Culminating into winning the regular season conference title. A very tall order considering I.1 is the most talent laden it has ever been, and by far the toughest conference in Hardwood.

The regular season success gave Nova fans eager expectations for the conference and national tournaments. But only advancing one round in each left the fans and media disappointed. Some blame Coach Carrington for the 106-103 loss to New York University in the second round of the National tournament. Villanova had the lead going into the final minutes of the game but let it slip from their grasp. Also blame was laid in superstar point guard Darin Ray for not stepping up in critical moments towards the end of the game. But both will be back for next season to have a chance at redemption.

Redshirt Freshman PF Chester Lester was awarded the I.1 conference freshman of the year award. Lester averaged 12.5 ppg and 7 rpg. Carrington was visibly excited when asked about Lester's potential in the upcoming seasons. "This young man is the future of our frontcourt, let me tell you right now, Lester has the ability to dominate both sides of the floor. He's so strong, and he's one of the fastest 290 pound human you'll ever see."

Darrin Ray was once again immensely snubbed by the awards committee. Not receiving any award despite being the best +/- point guard in the toughest conference of the nation. Fans are still outraged. Here's what "Lazer" Ray had to say when questioned by the media. "I'd be dishonest if I'd say I'm not frustrated by it, I do think I'm being grossly overlooked. But it's something I have to put behind me and only use it for motivation instead of letting it depress me." Darrin Ray has his senior year left and there is major expectations on his back as the leader of a top 25 team and an expected lottery pick in next seasons NBA draft.

Villanova followed up last seasons lauded recruiting class with another top 50 ranked class. Four star prospects Fabian Aguilar, and Elliot Hutson are both guards and expected to take there place in the backcourt. And Eric Jacobson a giant three star prospect who will have the abilities to step into center SR Roscoe Timmons shoes when he graduates this upcoming season.

SG Tom Willingham, and C Rob Reed were the two graduating seniors of this past season. Willingham was the starter at SG for the past two seasons, while Rob Reed the go to big man off the bench. Rob Reed led the wildcats in scoring off of the bench last season with over 15 ppg.

Oct 05 2006: Wildcats Reach Final Four - by Philliesworld on June 8th, 2019

Villanova made their deepest National tournament run yet. Fourth year head coach Brady Carrington has proven himself to be a premier coach in the NCAA basketball circles. After promoting to the most difficult conference last season and having a solid winning season, Nova went onto a deep run in the seasons biggest stage. Eventually the wildcats were stopped by the eventually National Champions, Columbia Lions in the final four. Villanova ended the season ranked fifth in the top 25 poll.

Led by a talented squad of guards Zane Myles, and Darrin Ray, Forwards Cole Langford, and Rob Lindbergh, and Center Roscoe Timmons. Nova was a resilient high scoring team all season long. PG Zane Myles and PF Rob Lindbergh we're the seniors of the starting squad, the rest are all returning ng for what's shaping up to be an even better team next season with the addition of three, four star recruits.

When Coach Carrington was asked about his age (67) and if he's contemplating retirement in the near future he responded by saying, "I have grown very attached to this team, and school President Philliesworld and I have a superb relationship. We have plenty of great things to accomplish yet, and retirement isn't going to get in the way of that."

Mar 11 2005: Villanova Takes Home Conference II.1 Regular Season Title - by Philliesworld on April 3rd, 2019

After four years of mediocre and uninteresting play the Wildcats stepped up and played a great season culminating the winning of the II.1 conference title. Coming into the season there had been pressure on third year head coach Brady Carrington to take this team to the next level after going 37-46 in the previous two years. Now after a convincing 31-9 regular season performance, and a high seed bid to the national tournament Carrington's job seems to be on solid footing. Of course the team assembled under Carrington was one of the better in the NCAA, the Wildcats finished the season ranked ninth in the nation in the AP poll. A younger team led by JR Zane Myles, the Cats led the II.1 conference in scoring and had one of the better defenses in the league. Nova implemented an effective and skilled passing oriented offense that channeled the ball inside to the big men. The lone commitment to Nova this season came from 6'6" PF Chester Lester, a four star player who has the ability to play any position on the court, something which Carrington has repeatedly said was something he wants on this team.

Jan 16 2003: Brady Carrington Annouced as New 'Nova Coach! - by Philliesworld on November 27th, 2018

The man who convinced five star prospects Darrin Ray and Cole Langford to become Wildcats is gone. Shocking to say the least. Than again maybe not. There has been rumors swirling since the middle of last season. When Laurence Wallace brought in the recruiting haul that has made headlines this season it was thought that his job security had improved significantly. But an abrupt managerial change by school President Dave Lee made shockwaves last night.

Brady Carrington, the man to take this volatile ship by the helm has quite the resume. Everything about him fits what President Dave Lee wants. First off while Carrington doesn't have any college coaching experience his high school coaching career is legendary. Which brings up another positive. Carrington is a New York city native and that's also where he spent the entirety of his coaching career winning championship after championship. Including two with Darrin Ray on his team. The familiarity of the New York recruiting region makes it invaluable to Villanova as New York is a major talent pipeline for the team. And for a man who guided Darrin Ray to national stardom in high school why not also coach him through college.

While the firing of Laurence Wallace may still seem shocking despite that fact that Carrington is a perfect fit. It becomes more evident why Dave Lee moved when he did. While the rumors were swirling last season about Wallace, there was obvious sticking points with him. The mediocrity of his teams playing and the complete inefficiency with which his defenses played. When this season's recruits starting committing it,just masked those problems and don't solve them. Now that this season's recruiting class has been locked up. It was time to focus on the future years. And Dave Lee decided it was time to move on and get his guy.

Laurence Wallace has refused to speak with the media. But Brady Carrington, and Dave Lee are expected to hold a,joint press conference shortly.