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Toby De Lucia
Toby De Lucia - PG

Team: St. Thomas Aquinas Spartans [ID #399] Bookmark St. Thomas Aquinas Spartans

Location: Sparkill, NY (Northeast)

Conference: II.1 [Division 1]

President: Hodge_17 send message
          [since July 05th 2018 | last seen May 22nd 2024]

Coach: Damon Hayes

Arena: Aquinas Hall

Rank: #15

Rating: 350.10 - Overall Position: #28

Fan Mood: 134.00

Alumni Mood: 223.55

Prestige: 222

Team Notes:

• Sep 02 2038: Promoted to conference II.1.
• Mar 14 2038: Made the national tournament field.
• Mar 14 2038: Won the III.2 conference playoffs.
• Mar 06 2038: Won the III.2 conference.
• Dec 24 2037: 3-star prospect Micheal Hinkle committed.
• Sep 03 2037: Demoted to conference III.2.
• Jan 22 2037: 4-star prospect Toby De Lucia committed.
• Jan 10 2037: 5-star prospect Dennis Haynes committed.
• Nov 29 2036: 3-star prospect Manuel Elias committed.
• Aug 28 2036: Demoted to conference II.1.


Wins: 9 Losses: 5 Pct: .643     Conf Wins: 3 Conf Losses: 1 Conf Pct: .750 Conf Rank: 2     Last10: 6-4 Streak: L1

Pts Ave: 97.4 - 80.4     Pts Diff: +17.1     Team Power Index: 158.2

Press Releases:

Mar 22 2008: Final Four Edition - Back Where We Belong - by Hodge_17 on September 24th, 2019

It was four seasons ago where we stood in a similar position as we do today. The Final Four... From the championship team, we have one familiar face, Senior Kendrick "Shoots" Sowell who was a freshman PG who faced off against Butler's best back in the title game. Now, Senior guard Sowell finds himself as a role-playing 6th man putting up 11.5pts/6ast in 4 games this Tournament. Additionally, we had our current starting utility man PF Tommie Moulton, backup PF Tristan Chapman, and backup guard Wayne Shaver back in 2004, but as redshirts, so they never played a minute.

Instead, it is today where they will have their time to shine.

The 2008 season is one where Coach Reginald Lunsford opted to Redshirt Junior phenom Darius Ball and Freshman recruit Andy Love. Ball will have an extra year to dominate on the court, as Lunsford stated "Watch out for us next year" because he did not expect the strides the team would take this season. While Ball watched all but five games from the press box, the team elected RS Junior Point Guard Lucas Case as their Captain.

In his 1st full season at PG, Case has put up 15pts/8.3ast/1.7stl through 44 games thus far (18pts/9ast/2.8stl in 4 tourney games). As the teams assistant and Case's right-hand man, it is Floyd Card who has stepped up and proved he is not to be underestimated. With a 6'9 frame playing on the wing at SF, Card put up 16.8pts/4.6reb/1.8stl to go along with shooting 50.5% from the field on 12.3 shots/game. Not to mention his Tournament stat line of 25pts/4.8reb/1.5stl and 53.5% from the field on 17.8 shots/game.

Now, the team relies on them and our depth more than ever. Ball and Love will not touch the court due to their redshirts. And even more importantly, it is our starting C Brock Williamson and sometimes PF starter Maurice Butler who will be missed the most. Both out with injuries, Butler has only played one game this Tournament. Williamson, the team's anchor in the paint will have his lack of presence most noticed. "All we can do is give it our it our all" says Coach Lunsford. "We've had some lackluster performances this season, but the rest of the way, we are playing for those of us who want to be on the court but are unable to be, " Lunsford said to the media.

Butler, Francis Marion, and Villanova are all scary teams. Tomorrow we will find out what fate has in store for the STA Spartans! This is where dreams come true. This is why our players have worked so hard this season. Good luck to all!

Apr 05 2004: 2004 National Tournament Champions!!! - by Hodge_17 on February 14th, 2019

What a tournament for the Spartans! Defeating Butler with a score of 115-97 the Spartans clinched the schools first Division 1 National Tournament Championship. Led by Senior Doug "Saint" Price and Junior Oliver Blanchard, the two combined for 64 points and 19/25 from the free throw line. Price also shot 7/11 from beyond the arc in this one!

Each of the starters was in foul trouble throughout the game but the earliest for PG Joe Cooper led to Freshman Kendrick Sowell getting some court time in the title game. Sowell is hopeful to be the #1 PG on next years squad, which is also shaping up to be a wide open competition for back-court starters.

Additionally, the team elected Doug Price as the team's 2004 MVP and once graduated, he will be the first player to be placed in the Spartans Hallf of Fame!

Mar 06 2004: 2004 Conference Champs! - by Hodge_17 on February 4th, 2019

With today's thumping of Haverford, the #15 Nationally ranked STA Spartans clinched the conference title. Led by Senior Doug Price, an upcoming lottery pick in the pro draft, his team has looked unstoppable down the stretch. Coach Lunsford stated in the post-game press conference that, "this is not where we finish... we've got the conference tournament.... and we'll take it all home at the National Tournament!" This is going to be March Madness