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Demond Lowry
Demond Lowry - C

Team: Wisconsin-Parkside Rangers [ID #437] Bookmark Wisconsin-Parkside Rangers

Location: Somers, WI (Midwest)

Conference: III.4 [Division 1]

President: Bergkamp send message
          [since December 26th 2019 | last seen May 22nd 2024]

Coach: Walt Boyle

Arena: DeSimone Gymnasium

Rating: 231.28 - Overall Position: #85

Fan Mood: 100.61

Alumni Mood: 96.15

Prestige: 78

Team Notes:

• Apr 05 2038: Keyshawn Ransom was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Apr 05 2038: Assistant coach Vance Stratton was let go.
• Jan 21 2038: 3-star prospect Gene Fabbro committed.
• Dec 31 2037: 3-star prospect Dick O`Reilly committed.
• Oct 24 2037: 3-star prospect Jacob Seymour committed.
• Apr 06 2037: Hugh Newton was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Apr 06 2037: Assistant coach B.J. Hampton was let go.
• Mar 15 2037: Made the national tournament field.
• Jan 22 2037: 3-star prospect Demond Lowry committed.
• Dec 25 2036: 3-star prospect Quentin Peters committed.


Wins: 8 Losses: 6 Pct: .571     Conf Wins: 1 Conf Losses: 3 Conf Pct: .250 Conf Rank: 13     Last10: 4-6 Streak: L3

Pts Ave: 76.5 - 72.1     Pts Diff: +4.4     Team Power Index: 137.9

Press Releases:

Feb 21 2036: Relegated? You're fired! - by Bergkamp on December 30th, 2023

AD Bergkamp has just heard from his bosses that if the team fail to remain in LL3, either this season or in any future season his position at the University will be terminated.

Bergkamp is confident in his abilities, but this is definitely something which will keep him on his toes and ensure the team will have to continue to perform to the best of their collective strengths.

Apr 01 2024: Wisconsin-Parkside, An Underdog Philosophy - by Bergkamp on March 10th, 2022

It's about time new President Bergkamp made a statement here right? After retiring from Knox College this season the itch to get back into shaping a new team was strong. Previously we've taken Knox from LL6 to LL2 & twice being a #2 seed in the D1 NT - sadly never made it to Legends and never really made any noise in the NT either but either way it was time to move on.

Wisconsin-Parkside Rangers will almost certainly never reach those heights, though I'm certain we can improve on the recent team's status. Wisconsin-Parkside are a tiny University, in a tiny town of Somers, WI. Around 5 miles from Kenosha, WI; 30m from central Milwaukee and 57m central Chicago.

My general idea is to only recruit players no-one else wants - it seems to match, who wants to come to this tiny University in this tiny place? Probably no-one! So yes, I'm intentionally handicapping the team, but in a realistic way?

The rules I'm gonna stick to:
1/ We'll never attempt to recruit anyone already showing interest in another team.
2/ Will never pursue 12+ potentials.
3/ Once another team shows interest I'll no longer put extra points into a player (but won't withdraw my offer either)
4/ Strong interest in International players
5/ At some point I may pivot to focusing on players primarily from the Milwaukee/Chicago region given that's where we're located geographically.

Let's have fun!