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Šoro Marković
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Team: Cedarville Yellow Jackets [ID #455] Bookmark Cedarville Yellow Jackets

Location: Cedarville, OH (Central)

Conference: II.2 [Division 1]

President: El Jefe2 send message
          [since October 08th 2021 | last seen May 22nd 2024]

Coach: Tyson Gray

Arena: Callan Athletic Center

Rating: 252.52 - Overall Position: #58

Fan Mood: 106.24

Alumni Mood: 88.45

Prestige: 120

Team Notes:

• Oct 27 2038: Lloyd Carlton was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Oct 27 2038: Assistant coach Roland Sheppard was let go.
• Mar 14 2038: Made the national tournament field.
• Mar 06 2038: 2-star prospect Barney Lawton committed.
• Mar 04 2038: 2-star prospect Vincent Kemp committed.
• Feb 27 2038: 1-star prospect Marlin Blakely committed.
• Sep 03 2037: Promoted to conference II.2.
• Mar 15 2037: Made the national tournament field.
• Mar 12 2037: 1-star prospect Duncan Schofield committed.
• Jan 01 2037: 5-star prospect Roy Russell committed.


Wins: 7 Losses: 7 Pct: .500     Conf Wins: 0 Conf Losses: 4 Conf Pct: .000 Conf Rank: 14     Last10: 4-6 Streak: L4

Pts Ave: 76.2 - 72.3     Pts Diff: +3.9     Team Power Index: 134.8

Press Releases:

Nov 10 2032: Cedarville continues non-conference tournament success - by El Jefe2 on June 14th, 2023

Fans packed the Callan Athletic Center to watch their beloved Yellow Jackets take on Nazareth on the new big screen projector purchased using the influx of funds from the school's promotion to D1. They were not disappointed as Cedarville broke out its storied press defense to force 22 turnovers en route to a 22-point victory...just enough to vault Nazareth to the top of the Pod 3 rankings based on point differential. It is Cedarville's 1st D1RT championship and 4th non-conference tournament championship overall...cementing their case as the non-conference darlings of Hardwood.

Nov 12 2031: Yellow Jackets become 3-time D2/D3 Challenge Champions - by El Jefe2 on April 19th, 2023

Cedarville posted a +143 PD on its way to the D2 Group B championship, it's 2nd D2 Challenge championship and 3rd overall. With its most impressive roster since the legendary 2027 team that went 48-2 and won the D3 National Title, Cedarville has high hopes this season in its quest to win the D2 National Title and return to D1.

Dec 09 2027: Local man spots international arms dealer - by El Jefe2 on September 15th, 2022

Tommy Boyle, a graduate of Drury High School who lives on Dover St (a stone’s throw away from the MCLA campus), reported to local authorities Wednesday night that a man bearing a startling resemblance to notorious international arms dealer Moo Ko-Suen was seen prowling around the outskirts of the FreshGrass Festival. The timing of this report is concerning as it coincides with the conclusion of Sparky’s diplomatic visit to China, which purportedly ended in smoothed over relations. It’s unclear how Moo, who was deported from the US in 2011, got back into the country, but speculation is that he was smuggled in at the bottom of a shipment of Kidludent®. Coincidentally, that shipment will satisfy an order by the Cedarville Yellow Jackets, who won the D3 title after force-feeding 2 million packs to its roster. MCLA and Cedarville campus police raised their alert levels to “Elevated” ahead of Friday’s games and will be enforcing full-body checks.

Nov 17 2027: Yellow Jackets win 50th in a row - by El Jefe2 on September 9th, 2022

Cedarville, the small Ohio village that will be highlighted in an upcoming ESPN 30-for-30 special, kept its recent string of accolades going as it became the first school in Hardwood history to win 50 games in a row, coming out on top in a back-and-forth battle on the road against George Mason (who is 42-3 over that same timespan)! The victory to cap off a full season's worth of wins did not come easy as the Yellow Jackets were down 8 with 5 minutes to play. The championship pedigree of the reigning D3 champs shined through, as every second of those 5 minutes was used to claw back into the game. Down to their last breath with 7 seconds to go, RS SO Feng Fan (a political refugee from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China) hit a bucket in the paint on a great feed from Vitor Gabriel Freitas to send the game to OT where superstar Leonardo Osorio took over. Scoring 10 of his game-high 38 points in OT, Osorio created the separation Cedarville needed to lock up #50.

Apr 05 2027: Cedarville captures D3 National Title, becomes first LL6 team to ever be ranked - by El Jefe2 on August 26th, 2022

The story of Cedarville's historic 2027 campaign began with one man's dream of assembling a hodgepodge of international players from broken homes and war-torn countries at a school in a small, forgotten Ohio village and taking them to championship glory. It ended with a D3 National Title, record-tying 48-2 record, and record breaking 41-game winning streak that saw Cedarville become the first LL6 team ranked in the final HW poll (coming in at #24). In between, an experiment based on playing time, staggered redshirts, wingspan, unwanted players with strong potential, bunk beds, and 2 million packs of Kidludent®, saw an evolution of a team that rapidly grew together over a 4-year span. The National Title, Conference Championship and Conference Playoff title are all firsts for Cedarville, and the accompanying trophies will be welcome additions to the Callan Athletic Center.