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Gilbert Maxey
Gilbert Maxey - PG

Team: West Texas A&M Buffaloes [ID #495] Bookmark West Texas A&M Buffaloes

Location: Canyon, TX (Southwest)

Conference: IV.7 [Division 1]

President: AblazeMrGlass send message
          [since November 26th 2021 | last seen July 19th 2024]

Coach: Bart Artis

Arena: FUB Center

Rating: 109.97 - Overall Position: #316

Fan Mood: 105.54

Alumni Mood: 150.05

Prestige: 126

Team Notes:

• Oct 22 2039: 3-star prospect Mitchell Butler committed.
• Sep 01 2039: Darren Steward was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Sep 01 2039: Assistant coach Hank Boykin leaves to pursue head coaching opportunities.
• Sep 01 2039: Promoted to conference IV.7.
• Mar 17 2039: 2-star prospect Terrell Handy committed.
• Mar 13 2039: Made the division 2 tournament field.
• Feb 17 2039: 2-star prospect Ernie Reaves committed.
• Feb 06 2038: 2-star prospect Anthony Giordano committed.
• Jan 14 2038: 4-star prospect Gilbert Maxey committed.
• Jan 02 2038: 2-star prospect Robert Yamada committed.


Wins: 6 Losses: 10 Pct: .375     Conf Wins: 2 Conf Losses: 4 Conf Pct: .333 Conf Rank: 12     Last10: 4-6 Streak: L4

Pts Ave: 82.6 - 82.1     Pts Diff: +0.6     Team Power Index: 140.6

Press Releases:

Mar 08 2036: Allegations - by AblazeMrGlass on January 5th, 2024

After bold accusations from Mitchell Mariner's president, Bart Artis held a press conference to dispel the rumors.

"Listen, if I was cheating I wouldn't be bringing in 3-star scrubs who can't tell a pickle from a basketball."

He then left the presser in a full-on sprint to his office yelling "Protocol delta! Protocol delta!"

Feb 02 2036: RPI Casualty - by AblazeMrGlass on December 24th, 2023

Big Hardwood has again struck a blow to the hardworking, blue collar presidents of college basketball, like myself.

Bart Artis made it a point to note that despite winning 7 straight games including a dominating win over San Diego State, the Buffaloes RPI has them out of the tournament currently… a blow to the common man.

Nov 12 2033: *itchell *ariners - by AblazeMrGlass on August 10th, 2023

The "great" Mitchell Mariners are constantly atop the news talking about 'Big Hardwood' which begs the question: wouldn't you want to talk about something you created in order to avoid the suspicion of it being you?

"Edgar Horton has a screw loose," Bart Artis said. "I've said maybe five words to that nut since our rivalry started almost 10 seasons ago and the guy constantly calls me - which I send to voicemail - saying how he can't wait to meet my wife and wondering how my son likes the fourth grade."

"He's met my wife at least 13 times and my son is 26 and is a graduate assistant for him at Mitchell... I just don't get it."

Of course, the news broke later that Horton has been overdosing on hallucinogens and players have told several stories of him breaking out in the middle of practice yelling 'They're after me! Someone burn my files!'

Interesting story out of New London

Dec 02 2032: Buffalo Soliders - by AblazeMrGlass on June 20th, 2023

So far, this season has been one filled with inconsistency and lack of focus. Head Coach Bart Artis, in his 7th season at the helm, thinks the team is one of the more talented ones he had, but they pick and chose when they want to show up.

"It's frustrating to watch a talented, young team just go out there and do whatever they want," Artis said. "This isn't Moravian or Mitchell, we have standards, we have goals and these guys can't get with that then I'll just have to take the keys to their 2004 Honda Civics."

Artis ended the statement with "these guys better start learning Spanish, cause they aren't even good enough to play in China."

Jan 29 2032: Sad Attempt at Relevance - by AblazeMrGlass on May 12th, 2023

The Moravian "fighting" whatever their mascot is, has again struck a blow to the Oligarchy that is Hardwood Basketball.

The lack of punctuation is almost as disgraceful as their cheap recruiting tactics... I have sources that claim that Wesley Westbrook is not even a real person but just their current star Jason Avery with a mustache. I ask for further investigation!

What kind of made-up name is Wesley Westbrook anyways? If I recruited someone named John Johnny Big Hardwood would be knocking on my door with a SWAT team.