California Lutheran

Mel Farrington
Mel Farrington - PG

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Location: Thousand Oaks, CA (West)

Conference: II.1 [Division 1]

President: celtic4warrior send message
          [since July 02nd 2018 | last seen January 21st 2020]

Coach: Roger Keith

Arena: Gilbert Arena

Rating: 217.63 - Overall Position: #24

Fan Mood: 106.12

Alumni Mood: 162.30

Prestige: 90

Team Notes:

• Jun 29 2010: Alfonso Versalles was drafted round #2, pick #24 by Seattle.
• Jun 29 2010: Brock Frazier was drafted round #2, pick #9 by New Orleans.
• Jan 28 2010: 3-star prospect Mel Farrington committed.
• Dec 12 2009: 3-star prospect Henrique Nascimento committed.
• Nov 04 2009: 4-star prospect Garrett Carroll committed.
• Dec 20 2008: 3-star prospect Leib Cohen committed.
• Oct 02 2008: Dylan Crowley was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Aug 28 2008: Demoted to conference II.1.
• Jun 24 2008: Dylan Crowley was drafted round #2, pick #19 by Seattle.
• Feb 14 2008: 2-star prospect Sigge Holm committed.


Wins: 0 Losses: 0 Pct: .000     Conf Wins: 0 Conf Losses: 0 Conf Pct: .000     Last10: 0-0 Streak: -

Pts Ave: 0.0 - 0.0     Pts Diff: 0.0     Team Power Index: 135.4

Press Releases:

Oct 04 2007: Cal Lu's Rise to the Top Has Completed - by celtic4warrior on August 3rd, 2019

As he took over the University, owner celtic4warrior had a goal to help lead Cal Lu from their DIII ranks to the tops of the college basketball community. He hired the defensive and recruiting genius in Roger Keith, and after the disappointing Tournament finish the goals of celtic4warrior and Roger Keith were realized as they enter the new season as a part of conference I1. Good luck to all our competition this year, hopefully we can stay with you for a while.


Oct 02 2003: California Lutheran's Division 1 Debut - by celtic4warrior on December 21st, 2018

It is with great excitement that owner celtic4warrior announces that California Lutheran will be making their Division 1 debut. Coach Roger Keith is again reloading a team that a year before was very senior heavy, now sporting a team with only four players who have seen time playing college basketball. In an interview with coach Keith: "We are young and hungry, with a lot of young men who are ready to prove their worth on the basketball court. I'm excited for this team, win or lose, we are going to be an exciting and energetic bunch of hardworking young men to watch." The outcome of this year is unknown, but all that is known is that we are going to be in for some excitement in the Kingsmen's D 1 debut. Tune in folks for some entertainment.


Feb 01 2003: Two Signings Bring Relief in Thousand Oaks - by celtic4warrior on December 2nd, 2018

Owner celtic4warrior has been silent of late due to many events in his personal life, but in the virtual world his California Lutheran Kingsmen are flying high. Riding a 22 game win streak, and looking to have an even more successful season than the amazing debut season, Roger Keith has ensured that he will be a career coach in Thousand Oaks. He has again been struggling on the recruiting side, entering the season with seven scholarships to fill and only filling two up until today. Today marked a huge relief as two key targets committed to California Lutheran and will look to have a key impact come next season.


Nov 14 2001: 3 Star Recruit JT Moran commits to Cal Lutheran - by celtic4warrior on September 14th, 2018

In their first signing of the year Cal Lutheran has gained the commitment of 3 star point guard recruit JT Moran. Per Head Coach Roger Keith: "JT is a polished player and with the loss of our starting point guard this year he has the opportunity to come in and make an immediate impact. He needs some work on his stamina and ball handling abilities, but otherwise we fill that he can contribute immediately to the Cal Lutheran cause." Another exciting commit for Cal Lutheran as they busily prepare for conference play.

President celtic4warrior

Oct 09 2001: The Start of a New Season - by celtic4warrior on September 3rd, 2018

After a very successful debut year, Roger Keith and his Cal Lutheran Kingsmen have been promoted to Division 2 and are ready to have another run at a conference title, and possible Division 2 title. With a brand new starting five, the Kingsmen are led by senior Aussie point guard Lewis Christie, three talented Junior College transfers, and a talented swing forward in Scott McAllister. The Kingsmen are a lot younger this year, but are excited and feel like they can achieve the same amount of success as last year, with a much more team oriented approach. Here's to a good year and a possible extension on the works for Head Coach Roger Keith.