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Team: Trine Thunder [ID #838] Bookmark Trine Thunder

Location: Angola, IN (Central)

Conference: VI.23 [Division 3]

President: Racer977191 send message
          [since December 25th 2020 | last seen March 02nd 2021]

Coach: Pete Chu

Arena: MTI Center

Rating: 70.20 - Overall Position: #631

Fan Mood: 101.19

Alumni Mood: 90.90

Prestige: 18

Team Notes:

• Oct 28 2017: 3-star prospect Corey Larson committed.
• Apr 03 2017: Pete Chu was appointed as the new head coach.
• Apr 03 2017: Jerrold Grant was fired as head coach.
• Mar 12 2017: 2-star prospect Kendell Watts committed.
• Feb 11 2017: 2-star prospect Grant Haller committed.
• Jan 28 2017: 3-star prospect Jordan Conti committed.
• Jan 12 2017: 2-star prospect Adam Watkins committed.
• Oct 22 2016: Hired Racer977191 as president.
• Sep 01 2016: Demoted to conference VI.23.
• Apr 02 2016: 2-star prospect Dick Akins committed.


Wins: 7 Losses: 6 Pct: .538     Conf Wins: 2 Conf Losses: 1 Conf Pct: .667 Conf Rank: 8     Last10: 5-5 Streak: W1

Pts Ave: 84.3 - 82.2     Pts Diff: +2.2     Team Power Index: 125.1

Press Releases:

Nov 08 2017: Trine's Confusing Road Bump - by Racer977191 on February 24th, 2021

Over the past weekend Trine has had some confusing plays made that just didn't make since. On Monday Trine hosted Holy Names and was leading going into the half by just 2 points. After the half the Thunder went cold. The Thunder fell 70-66. No one would be a key player as all contributed. The offense wasn't there but the defense was with 16 steals and forcing 25 turnovers.

On Tuesday Trine's bump in the road continued against SUNY-Fredonia as they went ice cold only providing 19 points in the first half. the Thunder also got out rebounded by 20 rebounds and were forced to turn it over 17 times. No key players were mentioned.

Trine was able to bounce back against Birmingham-Southern winning 89-66. The defense was once again stellar with 16 steals and 23 forced turnovers. This time the offense was there.
Key Players:
Jerry Dorgan(Jr)-30 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals
Grayson Kohler(Jr)-19 points, 5 assist, 6 steals

Trine will play King's tomorrow and go up against #15 Oregon State on Friday. Followed by Northern Michigan before starting conference play on Sunday.

Nov 01 2017: Trine Welcomes First Prospect: Corey Larson - by Racer977191 on February 22nd, 2021

Trine would like to welcome class of 2018 member Corey Larson out of Jackson High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Corey currently is a 6'6 wing, with a 3 star rating, and ranked 29th prospect in Indiana. Larson currently averages 13.7 points, 8 rebounds, and at least 1 block in just over 10 games. Coach Chu said the first thing he did was seek out in-state players to come play at Trine. Larson also fit the mold of players that Coach Chu was looking for. Larson said "I look forward to joining everyone over the summer and meeting the team. I think the new atmosphere that Coach Chu has created is great. Play hard, play tough, and go after it."

Oct 28 2017: Trine's Successful Weekend - by Racer977191 on February 21st, 2021

Wednesday Trine hosted Earlham from Eastern Indiana at the MTI Center. The Thunder shot well but the Quakers shot better at 59%. Thunder fell 93-89 final.
Key Players:
Jeronimo Magana(JR): 24 points, 10-15 shooting
Grayson Kohler(JR): 22 points, 8 assist

Thursday night Trine welcomed the Willamette Bearcats and continued shooting well at 47%. The Thunder started off hot scoring 58 points in the first half. Thunder continued scoring and went on to win 85-112.
Key Players:
Kendall Watts(FR): 20 points, 11 rebounds, 9-15
Phil Adams(SO): 19 points, 21 rebounds(career high)

Friday night Trine hosted Alcorn State. The Thunder once again stayed hot scoring over 50 in both of the halves. Trine shot over 50% from the field and carried the win 51-102.
Key Players:
Jerry Doran(JR): 30 points, 11-15 shooting, 4 steals
Grayson Kohler(JR): 27 points, 5 assist

Saturday night the Thunder cooled down while visiting Loras Duhawks. Despite shooting 47%, Trine fell 76-104.
Key Players:
Grayson Kohler(JR): 18 points, 7 assist

This Sunday afternoon Trine visited Northeastern and came out victorious 93-89 after shooting 55%.
Key Players:
Grayson Kohler(JR): 23 points, 8 assist, 4 steals
Jerry Doran(JR): 19 points, 5 assist.

The Thunder look to better their record after a 3-1 non-conference start against Holy Names, SUNY Fredonia, and Birmingham-Southern.

Oct 12 2017: Trine Upsets D1 Arkon 110-82 - by Racer977191 on February 16th, 2021

The Thunder program came to play today against division one Akron. The Thunder shot an impressive 54% from the field and 52% from beyond the arc. However the Thunder shot terribly from the free throw line going 10-22(45%) despite drawing several of the Zips players into foul trouble early. Coach Chu commented saying that, "45% from the free throw line just can't happen, in close games you can win or lose your games on that line." All players who touched the floor record a point during play. Including the five starters who all scored in double digits, as Kohler had 24 points and 15 assist, earning him player of the game rights. Phil Adams also had a double-double putting up 17 points and 10 rebounds. The Thunder where able to close out the Zips shooters only allowing 23% from beyond the arc. Tomorrow Trine host fellow Indiana D3 school the Earlham Quakers at 12:00 EST.

Oct 10 2017: Trine Falls to Dominate Top 100 Indiana State - by Racer977191 on February 15th, 2021

Trine opened up the new season hosting Indiana State in the MTI Center earlier this afternoon. Trines starting line up consisted of Kohler, Doran, Magana, Watts, and Adams. Doran was the leading scorer for the thunder with 17 points. Despite underwhelming under performing in the second half, the thunder where competing until the Sycamores went on a 18-5 run in the last five minutes of the first half. While in the second half the lead expanded to beyond 30 and was unreachable. Beyond that the shooting was rather troublesome, shooting 33% and a staggering 16% from 3. Coach Chu noted while the shooting wasn't there, there were certainly bright moments mostly on the defensive side. Phil Adams has 2 steals and 3 blocks, while Doran also added 3 steals. The thunder travel to Ohio to taken on the Arkon Zips tomorrow.