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Charles Forbes
Charles Forbes - PF

Team: University of New England Nor'easters [ID #963] Bookmark University of New England Nor'easters

Location: Biddeford, ME (New England)

Conference: II.1 [Division 1]

President: rlawrence send message
          [since February 09th 2020 | last seen May 22nd 2024]

Coach: Stan Beerd

Arena: Alfond Forum

Rating: 316.48 - Overall Position: #34

Fan Mood: 102.85

Alumni Mood: 119.25

Prestige: 108

Team Notes:

• Jun 29 2038: Louis Fair was drafted round #1, pick #19 by Detroit.
• Jan 21 2038: 3-star prospect Charles Forbes committed.
• Jan 09 2038: 2-star prospect Dario Marin committed.
• Dec 17 2037: 3-star prospect James Abbott committed.
• Apr 06 2037: Andrew Carollo was hired as the new assistant coach.
• Apr 06 2037: Assistant coach Tyrone Little was let go.
• Feb 14 2037: 3-star prospect Yao Oulai committed.
• Nov 15 2036: 3-star prospect Hector Davidson committed.
• Aug 28 2036: Promoted to conference II.1.
• Mar 09 2036: Made the national tournament field.


Wins: 8 Losses: 6 Pct: .571     Conf Wins: 1 Conf Losses: 3 Conf Pct: .250 Conf Rank: 14     Last10: 5-5 Streak: L3

Pts Ave: 80.4 - 75.9     Pts Diff: +4.6     Team Power Index: 145.7

Press Releases:

Sep 02 2038: Injury Plagued Season Limits UNE to Mediocrity - by rlawrence on May 3rd, 2024

As the sun set on season 2038, UNE nearly topped the II.1 leader-board with a very important statistic ... injuries. Most notable being their prolific, 6'9" senior PG, Patrick Prince.

The hopes for Prince were very high at the beginning of the season, some projecting him to be the All-League PG, or perhaps even challenge for the highest scorer in the league. But down the stretch he just couldn't stay healthy, suffering a trifecta of injuries that put him on the bench for 8 conference games.

Rookie PG Holder was called on to do much more than he could handle and by the time Prince was healthy again, with only 3 games left, the Nor'Easters were out of contention for promotion.

Fans got a healthy preview of the upcoming young talent to finish off the season. With Prince gone, and Fair being drafted into the NBA with the #17 pick, it's likely the Nor'easters will have another mid-table winning season next year.

Senior SG Pat Rogers hopes to have something to say about that. In the void left with the injured Prince he stepped up to the plate in a big way, becoming the engine for the offense and securing the All-Conference SG award. He has another full season ahead of him and hopes to make an even bigger impact.

Sep 02 2032: Legend - by rlawrence on June 2nd, 2023

Sixteen seasons ago, manager rlawrence walked into a quaint little school in Maine and called it home.

They were in the bottom league in the nation with zero prestige and little hope. It took some time for him to put together a winning culture. The team had its ups and downs, but in the last two seasons, everything clicked. Division III.3 Championship followed by a Division II.2 Championship, they fought and clawed there way to a D1 Tourney Finals. The final game did not go their way, but they're smiling today as the bad-news New England Nor'Easters sport the #2 Ranking in the World, and an entrance to the League of Legends.

Mar 13 2031: Nor'Easters Bring Home the Trophy - by rlawrence on April 2nd, 2023

After two seasons in LL3, UNE is headed back up to the 2nd Conference group, and with bigger dreams.

In a spectacular 1st place season with 34 wins and a ten game win streak, President rlawrence believes the team can do even greater things.

"We're only losing one of our starters to graduation this year, and the boys are hungry for more"

This statement came after a disappointing 1st round loss to Alabama in the tourney.

"Once the dust settles, we'll dig into the details, but it Legends or bust for us this coming year"

Oct 03 2030: Stunning Playoff Victory! - by rlawrence on February 10th, 2023

It was a quiet rebuild season with low expectations ... thankfully, no one told the players that. The Nor'easters should have had zero chance against the top tiered competition in LL3 this year, yet they managed to surprise on multiple outings, putting together a solid winning season in the 7th seed.

The biggest surprise came in the conference playoffs, as they dominated one win after the next. Scrappy defense and fast paced ball with drop-down 3 point shooting resulted in UNE's first playoff victory, and a stolen bid for the illustrious d1 tourney

Mar 30 2020: The Power of a TEAM - by rlawrence on July 29th, 2021

The All-Conference players were announced today and not a single one of them wore a Nor'easters jersey this season.

And yet, as the dust clears, UNE won the conference by a full five games.

How did a team with no stars pull it off?
Teamwork, baby.

There's a storm comin'